A Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Cryptocurrency

Even if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency investments, you do not have to lose your sleep over it. There are many easily-accessible and useful resources that can offer you insights and tips on how to invest in cryptos. Like any other form of investment, it is advisable to research well before you take the plunge and test the waters by making smaller investments at the start.

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that works like a medium of exchange on the Internet and is secured using cryptography. This guards it against double-spending and forgery, making crypto transactions safer than ordinary money transfers. Since cryptos are decentralized currencies, they are free from governmental intervention. Your job is to understand how the market works and which the relatively stable coins are.

How to make crypto investments as a beginner:

  • Research: The first step to investing in cryptos is to research the market thoroughly and understand the goals and vision behind the different coins. This will help you figure out whether a coin has the potential to generate good returns. You must learn the art of studying charts and graphs to understand the price range and identify a profitable entry point.
  • Choose a crypto: It is important to select the right coin because there are an overwhelming number of cryptos in the market. Not all coins survive and some vanish before you know it. Bitcoin was the earliest cryptocurrency and it continues to dominate the market even after a decade. Other stable coins are Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, Litecoin, etc. It would be a safe bet to invest a bigger chunk of your money into Bitcoin and spread the rest across other coins. The trading platforms like eToro will provide you with positive experiences. Visit to learn more about the eToro trading platform.
  • Choose an exchange: Your next step is to select a platform or exchange for investing in cryptos. You can choose from exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, etc to buy, store, and sell cryptos. These platforms are like brokerage firms that offer variety of coins for investments and trade.
  • Prepare for calculated risks: To invest in cryptos, you must be ready to take risks. The trick is to invest only an amount that you can afford to lose. There are multiple coins out there and a diversified portfolio can mitigate your risks. Bitcoin may still be the undisputed king in the crypto world but it has also been plagued by performance issues; its block-size problem led to emergence of the Bitcoin Cash.
  • Read whitepapers: By doing this, you can understand the coin in-depth and if you find that the whitepaper has not been written well, it is an indication that the project may not be worth your money. The whitepaper informs investors about everything that they must know before they invest in a coin.
  • Get help: You can seek expert advice if you feel confused about which crypto to choose for investments. You can try trading cryptocurrencies of other countries like China. Try to locate the best exchange or broker to download the YuanPay app to trade the digital currency of China launched by Yuan Pay Group. The currency is now ready for distribution and any currency can be converted into this China’s coin.
  • Start small: The trick to investing is to start off with small investments to get your feet wet. You have to stay patient, learn from your mistakes, and slowly get better at smart investments.
  • Find wallets: To store your cryptos, you need a secure digital wallet; you can choose from different types like online, desktop, paper, hardware and software wallets. Your choice is determined by factors like convenience and security.
  • Beware of scams: The popular coins have an active developer teams, transparent visions, and enthusiastic communities. The not-so-good ones promote fuzzy technical benefits and are not clear about how you can achieve these; they are the get-rich-quick schemes that should not be trusted.